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The Baltictech Association has a group of divers who actively promote the Baltic Sea as the most interesting wreck dive site in the world. One of the activities of the members of the association is lobbying for greater accessibility of Baltic wrecks for the diving community.

Akademik Karpinsky

In 2011, under the name of ‘Baltictech Expeditions’, the team performed a series of deep dives in the Baltic Sea. The result was the discovery of 3 new wrecks, one of which lying at a depth of 78 m turned out to be the most interesting.


After a few dives on this position – the Baltictech team managed to identify her. It is the wreck of the Soviet ship AKADEMIK KARPINSKY, built in 1936 under the name THALIA, sank on 31 August 1953 on the way from Kaliningrad to Amsterdam.

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