Baltictech 2015


Long awaited seventh edition of Baltictech conference has already become historical.

According to preliminary estimates, the frequency has risen by 150-200 guests in comparison with previous edition and counted over 600 guests who crossed the treshold of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park. The interest was tremendous and the crowd was difficult not to be seen, flowing across the corridors of the building hosting the conference.

Both, lovers of wreck as well as cave diving should feel the most satisfied. It was their subject on which the conference prelectures was mostly focused on. From the legendary wreck of Antikhitra, through the wrecks of Great Britain and Ireland, units resting on the bottom of the land of Great Lakes in USA, as well as remnants of the II World War lying around Malta, to methods of their searching. All that presented by the biggest authorities in this domain, but that was just a part of subjects raised.

Equally rich scope of subjects involved the overhead circle. Gathered guests had a chance to get familiar with the arcanes of diving in uranium mine Podgórze, the results of exploration of the Balkan caves runned by Dominik „ Honzo” Graczyk as well as what secrets are kept in swedish mines of which Rickard Lundberg have spoken of.

As usual, never missed the subjects related to diving medicine, accidents or closed circuit diving. Many special panels and workshops perfectly filled up the offer for many demanding heads which appeared that weekend in Gdynia.

You cannot fail to mention about the trade part of the Baltictech. As always the lead of the companies involved in producing and distribution of the diving equipment as well as training courses and tours was present. Everyone had a chance to check the special offers of the exhibitors between the prelections and get answers for the bothering questions.

Some special surprises couldn’t be missed, but we will have a chance to get back to them in specially prepared for that materials. Some of them can aspire to the title of „game changer”, which will leave permanent mark on the entire diving industry and diving itself!

Lottery, taking place, with many valuable prices brought a lot of emotions. As always, the main hall gathered almost all spectators who wanted to see the lucky winners. Two Xjoy7 scooters was the main point of desire. Thanks to very kind gesture from Alessandro Fenu, who represented Suex on Baltictech, these multiplied to three pieces! No one was to complain and some lucky ones could have problems with sleep after such big dose of happiness.

Source: Divers24

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