Centrum Techniki Nurkowej

We are the first diving company established on pomeranian coast in 1986. CTN is a family company which, at the beggining of it’s activity, was mostly engaged in servicing diving equipment, specialised in compressor repairs. Year after year we’ve expanded our offer, we developed specialised services and production. 

Nowadays, after 27 years of work, Centrum Techniki Nurkowej ( Technical Diving Center ) CTN is:
- one of the leading services of diving equipment
- producer of such diving gear as: pressure hoses, reductors, filters etc.
- Pacyfic compressors producer
- distributor of brands such as: Coltri, Dir Zone, Miflex, ECS, Eezycut and JJ-CCR
- Diving school of the highest renown, specialised in recreational, technical, instructor and rebreather courses,
- Baltic wrecks and abroad trips organizer

2007 - 2019

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