Dražen Gorički

Dražen Gorički is an underwater explorer, photographer and instructor from Croatia. He is also the owner of Dragor Lux - a company for producing and distributing diving equipment. For the past 20 years he has been working full time in diving industry.


Dražen often participates in scientific projects trying to contribute to discovering new facts about underwater life and environment. He uses every available opportunity to dive and explore new caves or wrecks be it in Croatia or anywhere in the world.

One of Dražen’s great accomplishments was starting the project ”Underwater Croatia” with the aim of exploring deep wrecks and caves in Croatia and filming and photographing them all along. Underwater photography has become one of his big passions and he tries to record the state of every wreck and cave he explores and shares the photos with the diving and non-diving community thus popularizing diving as an amazing and interesting sport.

Dražen also started the project “Battle of Lissa 1866” six years ago which finally resulted in the discovery of the wreck of Palestro at -120m in the sea territory of the island of Vis. 150 years after the Battle of Lisa, Dražen organized an expedition to another wreck of the Battle of Lissa - Re d’Italia which was the first time that divers have ever dived on it. He also filmed and photographed this magnificent piece of history and helped gather all the pieces of the puzzle of the most important battle in Adriatic sea together.

2007 - 2019

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