Igor Galaida

Igor Galaida dives since 1971, from 1978 takes part in annual cave diving expeditions with pioneering explorations of siphons on Southern Ural, the Caucasian Mountains, Middle Asia, the Crimea, Arkhangelsk region. Since 1997 several pioneering explorations in Orda cave. The maximum distance – 980m from the entrance. 1999-2000 – series of expeditions on “Admiral Nakhimov” 2000 – cave diving expedition on Cuba. Search and exploration of new caves. Since 2001 – annual expeditions as events of “Secrets of Shipwrecks” project. Since 2002 – expeditions on the Blue Lake (Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia), dives on 120m in 2002, on 150m in 2003, on 180m in 2004. Member of Russian Geographic Society.

2007 - 2019

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