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A JJ-CCR Rebreather is designed and built to exceed the expectations of skilled exploration divers. The JJ-CCR has been called "the 4 x 4 of the Rebreather community" which is in many ways consistent with the description as it is built to handle all types of harsch environments and can be adapted to handle the most demanding adventures. At this year you can meet on our stand owners, designers, polish and international instructors. See you on Baltictech!

Litoral – On our pages anyone interested in scuba diving will find something interesting for him. In addition to the pages with information for beginner divers, we have continually developed the base of the Baltic wrecks and texts on diving equipment, everybody no matter of the skills or federation will find something interesting. Thanks to the cooperation with many people dealing with underwater archeology every day, travelers’ diving or technical divers, we have interesting thematic sections, co-formed by experts in their fields.

As a media partner we support many conferences and initiatives across the country and Europe conducted to diving. Therefore, our readers have access to unique materials and the latest information, reports and pictures, with a very diverse range of events and diving activities. In recent years, all this has allowed us to develop a leading position among online dive media and a reliable partner for companies operating in the diving industry. Despite this, we are still hungry for new challenges. Therefore we constantly strive to develop and improve to the best, to fulfill the mission and achieve new goals.



JML DIVING - From the beginning of our work we are adhering to the principle, that every activity should give satisfaction. Our passion is diving. We know, that during staying in this incredible environment, the matter of safety is the most important.

Appropriate safety level gives a sense of comfort under water and improves satisfaction. That is why we in our choices always adhere to reliability of used equipment and accessories. When we use safe equipment during diving, by appropriate training we can enjoy the satisfaction from the successful dive.

Our company JML DIVING sp. z o.o, which was set up by two enthusiasts of diving occupies with distribution of products directed at widely understood diving sector. Our offer focuses on the specialized products, directed at advanced technical and professional divers and solutions for diving people, who have high expectations among their equipment.

We serve both retail and wholesale customers. Our priority is always the quality and fast service to the customer. For that reason we use the most advanced solutions. To offer fast delivery and low transportation costs our warehouses are located where our clients are located. Our informative web site is located at, but the sale platform for retail customers and companies is located at
Our offer is thoroughgoing – we offer only products from recognized producers – leaders in their sector.

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority.

JML DIVING sp. z o.o. specializes in serving the recreational and professional diving sector, military sector and safety sector, where there is a need to clean the air that people breathe. Our sister company – JML INDUSTRY sp. z o.o. specializes in Molecular Products applications for industrial sectors of production of hydrocarbon fuels, noble gases, etc.

DAN Europe Founded in 1983 as International Diving Assistance (IDA) by dr. Alessandro Marroni, DAN Europe was the first 24 hour diving emergency assistance service, set up as a membership organization, with specific insurance benefits since the very beginning.
During the same period, in the year 1980, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, DAN America — known then as the Diving Accident Network — formed at Duke University Medical Center, USA, under the guidance of prof. Peter B. Bennet.
In 1984 the Diver Emergency Service (DES) was started in Australia and New Zealand by drs. Des Gorman and "Fred" Gilligan. and in 1987 the Civil Alert Network (CAN) began assisting diving emergencies in Japan, under the guidance of prof. Yoshihiro Mano of the University of Tokyo Medical School.
Although independently and not yet cooperating, the four organisations were supporting diving safety by providing similar 24-hour Diving Emergency Hotlines and non-emergency Diving Medicine Information Services. In case of a diving accident, qualified Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine Specialists would be available to assist the injured diver and to consult with local emergency medical personnel to coordinate medical evacuation and treatment and to provide the best care possible. 

DAN Divers Day: on Friday 24th of November (day before Baltictech Conference). Read more:


Aquatek - has been successfully operating  on Polish diving market since 2001. Our centre specialises in rebreather and cave diving in sidemount configuaration. One of our mail goals is keeping up with new trends and technology in diving. Since last year we have been a dealer of Kiss Rebreathers on Polish market and the only authorised service facility in Europe. Our flagship is sidemount rebreather KISS SIDEWINDER  which will exibited for the first time in Europe on Baltictech. Currently we are also the only training facility on this model of rebreather in Europe.

SeaYa - company has been specialized in the manufacture of lighting systems and power supply for heating systems for recreational and technical diving since 2014. Many years of experience in design and production of diving equipment, dating back to 2006, allowed us to constantly improve SeaYa products. To meet the diver’s requirements, SeaYa company offers the highest quality products with attractive design. The offer follows the needs of the divers who prefer the classic "backmount" and gaining more popularity "sidemount" configuration. SeaYa company specializes in the production of HID (High Intensity Discharge) and LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights and offers a wide range of headlamps, video lighting systems and power systems for heating dry suits. The company is constantly expanding its range of lights and accessories for diving.


The Trojan- company, operating in the european market for a long time, introduces innovative solutions for divers. Tomasz Trojanowicz, founder of the company, has many years of experience and because of his passion he invent unique products that enable safe and more comfortable recreational, technical and professional diving. TROJAN produces acumulator packages to power supply diving scooters, heating or flashlights.

Thermo valves, thermo connectors, canisters or diving heating system have better technical and quality parameters than equipment available in market. TROJAN make them all to order. TROJAN is the first company which introduce heating with handset which enables control power. The handset has piezo switch, display which shows battery voltage and information about chosen heating mode. TROJAN produces heat vests, control heating and LED or HID lights with consideration customer special requirements.Moreover Tomasz Trojanowicz's company is proud for several years of producing faultless TROJAN strobe that is the best in power flash and work time.

Divesoft is engaged in research and development of specific equipment for divers. Divesoft is successful in those market areas where others don’t dare for demands on high-tech development and production. The Divesoft exempting the use of quality materials and manufacturing processes without compromises. All our products are manufactured in a new factory in Roudnice nad Labem in Czech Republic. Divesoft Company takes pride in the fact that production of all components and final assembly takes place in Europe. This ensures a high quality, reliability and longevity of all our products. Divesoft is the producer of rebreather Liberty, which is the first rebreather in the world certified according to EN 14143:2013 without any exceptions or exclusions. Liberty rebreather is designed as a fault-tolerant. No single malfunction in the electronic system could cause a breakdown of the whole apparatus. And even multiple malfunctions often do not lead to a complete breakdown. In case both handset cables are cut, the HUD cable torn out, and a hole to one of computer compartments in rebreather head drilled, the system functions sufficiently. The remaining control computer continues to maintain the oxygen partial pressure at the last setpoint. Find out more on our website and


SUEX - THE SUBMARINE EXPLORATION COMPANY We founded Suex in 1999 with the goal to manufacturer a high performance technical diving vehicle for all diving professionals and applications, long range exploration diving, technical and deep diving, as well as the Navy's many applications.

Nowadays Suex - The Submarine Exploration Company - represents the cutting-edge techonology of underwater mobility. Performance, reliability, manoeuvrability, complete product range and the excellent after-market service are the cornerstones that make Suex undisputed leader in the underwater scooter market.


3M Thinsulate


Shearwater Research


Technika Podwodna


CCR Technical Diving Center has been located in Czestochowa for over 15 years. Since the very beginning we have been trying to expand our services and make them more and more professional. At present, CCR is the professional diving center that can provide its services within different fields.

The professional diving shop offers the full product line dedicated to recreational, technical, cave and rebreather diving. We are the only authorized DUI drysuit dealer in Poland. Futhermore, CCR is the business representative of the following brands and producers: Innerspace System and AP Diving – the rebreather producers, Luxfer and EuroCylinder – diving cylinders producers, Suex – underwater scooters producer. Our diving center cooperates with BTS – one of the German biggest diving company in the world associated with the DIR ideology. Since 2014, CCR along with BTS and DUI have been executing Ocean Management Systems, known as OMS company – the brand that revolutionized the world diving market. Additionally, CCR provides the warranty and post-warranty services. The last but not least, we offer a wide range of diving and instructor trainings under PSA International Agency. CCR is the headquarters of PSAI in Poland.


NO GRAVITY - The brand of diving equipment in Poland. Indigenous production is based on over twenty years experience in the sewing of garments. No Gravity team consists only of divers - for whom diving is a passion, and way of life. With a technical background, access to the latest technologies and materials, and the experience of diving, we decided to create products that will satisfy the most demanding users. NO GRAVITY products created out of passion for diving, a desire to increase the comfort and safety during dives each diver.


Tecdiving is a company with many years of experience in manufacturing its own products for recreational and technical divers. The company has its own modern machine park, electronic laboratory and electronic production line. The company's offer includes the well-known underwater lighting of the LIGHT-FOR-ME brand: backup lights, main lights, photo-video lights and accessories. The brand new product of the company presented at Baltictech is The dive computer includes bottom timer, open circuit, recreational and technical open circuit, closed circuit and extended gauge mode designed by well-known scuba instructor Wojtek Filip. Tecdiving will also present a whole range of its underwater light-for-me product range, including the new video light - a smaller version of the familiar RedStar - MINI RedStar.


Halcyon began as a group of divers who knew exactly what they wanted, but could not find it in any dive store. Our passion for diving led us to designing wings and lights to satisfy ourselves. We soon discovered that we were not alone in our pursuit of equipment that could radically improve the diving comfort of every diver; from the newest recreational diver, to supporting divers doing the most aggressive technical dives ever completed.


™SANTI Diving - All SANTI products were created by divers and for divers, thinking about their needs. Each smallest detail in SANTI products has a functional reason and keeps the highest possible quality standards. We never forget about design, research and development. SANTI brand is a warranty of highest quality and safety for those who want to go further in their diving experience, who seek best protection and functionality. Divers all over the word, from California and Florida coasts to Korea and Australia appreciate all SANTI features and experience which was involved in development of products which the best divers use today.


Centrum Techniki Nurkowej - Piórewicz .


MARES - Italian manufacturer of diving gear. Our product range varies from scuba diving gear, technical diving gear, snorkeling gear, freediving gear and spearfishing gear. We would like to invite you to our booth on Baltictech Conference 2017. Special offer for all visitors.


PSAI was founded in 1962 in Orlando by Hal Watts – the multiple world record holder. Professional Scuba Association International is the oldest technical and recreational scuba agency offering certifications at the diver and instructor levels. PSAI specializes in trainings within the range of cave and CCR divings. In Poland, Professional Scuba Association International has been working since 2005 and it is the only federation that can give the Instructor Trainer (IT) entitlement.
“ Plan your dives – dive your plan.” – Hal Watts.


The production of Dive System dry suits and of Buoyancy Compensating Devices, all of which is Made in Italy, derives from the personal experience of both founders and has been developed throughout the years with the technical contribution and need-input supplied by each scuba diver. In addition, extensive feedback has been provided by the Italian military forces. Our pride is strengthened by a technical leadership that has set the standards. Ours production is focused on the production of dry suits, fins and of Buoyancy Compensating Devices, intended specifically for technical diving.

The Divesystem's Brand Ratio is an innovation among dive computers for use with open circuit OC: Air, Nitrox, Trimix or closed circuit CCR. A wide range of computers For divers on different levels of experience.

Welcome to our stand Divesystem & Ratio Nr. 21 on Batlic Tech 2017.
Check out our conference promotions and only available at this time.


Ocean Management Systems company – known as OMS - was founded in New York in 1991 by John M. Griffiths. The company revolutionized the diving market at the recreational and technical level thanks to introducing highly advanced technology. OMS was known for high quality diving equipment as steel cylinders, patented BC systems and different harnesses. After 23 years, John M. Griffiths decided to withdraw from the business. As a result, after the negotiations, the company was taken over by BTS Europa AG, DUI and CCR in 2014. Since then, the OMS brand has been developed and expanded upon new products. At present, we can take pride in the very wide offer of technical diving equipment that is again known and valued in Poland as well as in the world. In 2018 OMS will present its new or updated products again – BC Systems, harnesses, masks or fins. As far as possible we will try to show you at least some of these products at Baltic Tech. Please be welcome at our OMS stand.

A passion for diving and technology led to the real rEvolution in rebreather industry. That was the development of the rEvo. After a period of open circuit diving there was the need for another and different type of diving apparatus and finding nothing that answered the need for a highly technical apparatus a start was made to create a completely new diving machine. After a lot of research and development and a beta series, the “revolution” was commercialised in 2007 and after a short while the “revolution” became the “rEvo”. After a few more years of research and development the rEvo III is now the latest model but rEvo Rebreathers continues it’s research for even better performance and to answer even more of the needs of the rEvo Customers. rEvo rebreather is the only unit supplied with the unique rMs system that can predict scrubber’s remaining time. It’s the only hCCR available on the market, meaning you can have both eCCR and mCCR in one unit! Its dual scrubber increases your safety underwater.




DUI brand was born over 50 years ago – Dick Long is its founder – the true diving enthusiast. The process of designing and producing of insulations and drysuits has been improved since the very beginning. Thanks to it DUI brand is known and respected all over the world. Our company – CCR in Czestochowa – has the honour of distributing DUI in Poland. We can present you the wide offer of DUI products – from underwear and insulation to different models of drysuits and the possible options available while designing a given drysuit. On our stock, we have about 60 DUI drysuits – among them there are the most popular models like TLS 350, FLX and CF200X in full size scale. We can offer you the special prices for DUI insulation and drysuits (new or after-exhibition). Be welcome to visit our DUI stand!


Ammonite System Lighting and Heating Equipment was established in 2005. The company founders,, are active divers. High quality, reliability and utility features of the light systems designed and produced by them are a result of, among other things, a good understanding of divers' needs. Both owners of Ammonite System dive on a regular basis, closely cooperate with diving centers and listen to instructor opinions. As a result, the produced torches meet the divers' real needs. The high quality of equipment is additionally verified during comprehensive tests of the following features:  • durability • reliability and safety • ergonomics and functionality.

AmmoniteSystem lighting systems are 100% designed and produced in Poland. As a result, equipment distributors and users can enjoy the benefits of a very fast guarantee service. They can also count on our support and full commitment in the development of even the most sophisticated diving lighting system. AmmoniteSystem meets its clients and dealers at various diving events and during equipment tests.






Cave Mexico


Sea Wolf since 1994 produced dry suit's. We are polish company with production facility in middle of Poland. We produce dry suits for speciall forces military and anti terrorist police forces, immersion suit for rescue, SAR, fire brigades etc. We produce also suit for diving. Since last year we produce also diving accessories under brand Dive Depot.    


XCCR is an expedition grade rebreather designed to provide reliable performance in demanding underwater environments. The unit is developed using years of our experience in CCR development with respect to the needs of divers and explorers.

XCCR combines a well proven rebreather chassis with the most innovative electronics package to form the most fault tolerant rebreather, provides outstanding reliability, ruggedness and yet the easiest maintenance. The most important feature of XCCR is reliability, flexibility, durability and user-friendly design. XCCR has been design to cope mechanical, electronic and human failures without locking you out and leaving you without the ability to complete your dive.




Under Pressure
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