Benedykt Hac

Benedykt Hac Head of Maritime Operations Department and Sea Lab R/V IMOR. Graduate of Polish Navy Academy connected with Sea since 33 years. International Hydrographer of Class A. From 1982 till 2000 has worked on hydrographic ship ORP “Heweliusz” and during 10 years he was a captain of it. In 2000 he has moved to military reserve as Lieutenant Commander. He was a captain of research ships “Doktor Lubecki” and “Imor”. Certified captain of the sea ships up to 3000 GT. From 6 years he is managing research project “Pollution monitoring of the sea bottom around wreck position”, which has adjusted 16 wrecks positioned in sensitive sea areas like Gdansk Bay. From the beginning of his hydrographic career he was strongly committed to researching and exploration of the wrecks not only on polish waters. In 2009 he was a head of expedition, whom the mission was wreck discovery of polish submarine ORP “Orzel” on the North Sea. In June 2011 he has organized and managed the archeological expedition on the Baltic Sea “Gone with the Wind”, which has successfully led to exploration of two XVIII century wooden ship wrecks and discovery of 12 cast-iron cannons. He is also a member of Polish Sea Hydrographic Association and Scientific Board of Maritime Institute in Gdansk.

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