Krzysztof Wnorowski


His diving experience started at the age of 12. Inspired by his father, he continues what he loves in life the most- diving. Being a co-owner of Tryton Diving Centre, he trains hundreds of people a year, organizes trips to many exotic places such as Galapagos, Belize or even Papua New Guinea. He shares his passion not only by leading an active life but also he develops himself in different directions. He is a co-founder of Baltictech Diving Conference and also BalticExplorers association. He is constantly looking for new solutions and pursuing new aims and objectives. Currently, being an SSI Trainer and Instructor, he is inspiring trainees and other instructors with his passion and commitment. 

In his free time he.... dives! He began to be interested in underwater movie making for some time now. The effects of his “underwater play” might be found on Tryton’s web page ( or at 

What he says about himself is “Water is my whole life” I am truly a lucky man as I share passion of my life with my everyday life. Not everyone is that lucky as I am.” 

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