Leigh Bishop

Leigh Bishop is a British shipwreck explorer and pioneer of deep wreck mixed gas diving and regarded as one of the most accomplished wreck divers in the world. He is a well known deep wreck photographer and his research has led to the discovery and identification of hundreds of shipwrecks.

He has been a member of most significant deep shipwreck expeditions as well as scientific projects that have carried the explorer’s club flag. 

Leigh has been featured on many television shipwreck documentaries and worked as a deep-water cameraman for National Geographic, History Channel, ITV, Channel 4 and other global networks. He is a prolific writer, speaker and lectures on the subject of shipwrecks globally.

Over the last two decades his photographs and articles have appeared in countless magazines, books and major newspapers.

He was a co founder and the man behind the original concept of Eurotek. In recent times he has focused his energy on his own forthcoming book projects.

Leigh has been a regular speaker at the festival. 


Lecture title: Expedition Planning

Leigh Bishop - Planning for a successful shipwreck expedition.

Planning for a wreck diving expedition? This presentation will give you an insight to a number of planning issues that you may not have taken into consideration when considering putting together an expedition.

What exactly is an expedition and what really is involved behind the scenes?

Veteran wreck diver Leigh Bishop has participated in numerous expeditions over the last two decades and will discus various aspects of planning a wreck diving expedition with the view a successful outcome. Drawing from dozens of expeditions and the experiences they brought, he will cover a number of issues that are often overlooked or not taken into consideration. From initial planning aspects, team selection, licensing, safety logistics, risk management, equipment, decompression systems, assigned tasks to full SOP’s and more, most aspects will be covered.

This session will be illustrated with extracts from given SOP’s and previous expedition photography.

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