Maciej Jurasz

Owner of the Płetwal Poznan Diving Center, a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Poznan, forensic expert in diving at the District Court in Poznan. PADI, TDI, SSI, CEDIP Instructor. PADI Course Director since 2012 and also the Tec Rec OC Trimx Trainer Instructor. As the first and so far the only Pole in the history of PADI became the Tec 100 CCR Trainer Instructor. Many times awarded "Elite Instructor","Silver Course Director" in 2013, 2016 and 2017. He received the highest award in the PADI system - "Platinum Course" in 2018, which so-far only three Poles received in the entire history of PADI. He trains in various countries around the world, cooperates with many dive centers and instructors. He completed over 3,500 dives, issued over 2,500 permits, including over 500 at instructor level. He made, among other things, partner diving at 151 m and team diving on which for the first time in the world Rubik's cube was done at a depth of 100 m.


Lecture title: Diving accident - truth and facts ...

The lecture presents the work and function of an court expert in the Polish legal system. Thanks to the consent of the prosecutor's office, the facts collected by a court expert, on the subject of one of the tragic diving accidents that occurred in the Polish lake, will be presented for the first time.



2007 - 2019

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