Marek Cacaj


He has been diving technically for over 17 years, including 13 years using rebreathers of various types.

He runs the Born2dive diving center in Szczecin. Instructor Trainer and Technical Instructor in IANTD / TDI / RAID organisations and the instructor of JJ-CCR, Liberty CCR, XCCR units.

A member of Baltictech, an organization dealing with the search and identification of shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea and a member of the SANTI Expedition 'Find the Eagle' aimed at finding the wreck of the most famous Polish submarine ORP 'Orzeł'.

Filmmaker and underwater photographer. He specializes in taking photos and making films especially in dark, deep and hard to reach places such as wrecks, caves and mines. He made movies for the series 'Secrets of the Baltic Shipwreck' for Discovery Channel and ‘Drain the Oceans’ for National Geographic. He chose diving as a profession that eventually became a way of life. He is constantly improving his qualifications and following the latest trends in closed-circuit diving. He also has a lot of experience in servicing of reabreathers because as a perfectionist, he likes to know the equipment from the smallest screw.

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