Pasquale Longobardi

Pasquale Longobardi is a commercial diving medical consultant for the following contractors: CNS, Avenza – Carrara; Impresub Diving Marine Contractor; Lucatelli srl; Marine Consulting; Micoperi srl; RANA Diving and Marine Contractor.

He takes part in: The Historical Diving Society Italy – founding partner; F.I.A.S. instructor-teacher; Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (C.M.A.S.) 3 stars instructor; DAN Oxygen First Aid Instructor – Trainer; PTA Deep Air; GUE Fundamentals; SCUBA GYM 1 star instructor C.M.A.S; Aquatek SCR 1 (semi closed rebreather 1st level).

Awarded with many prizes for example: San Paolo Prize awarded for “the continuous and constant contribution to the safety and the health of the Underwater Technicians, for the high degree of professionalism achieved in the delicate sector of underwater and hyperbaric medicine with international mandates, teaching and counseling activities in Italy and abroad, author of world-class scientific publications. His professional experiences, joined to his high humaneness, place him among the most authoritative names of the Italian underwater and hyperbaric medicine and among those who have most contributed to the culture of the safety regulation and the

accident-prevention during underwater activities, both, in the professional and in the recreational field”.“Tridente d’oro 2009”awarded for the high degree of professionalism achieved in the sensitive field of hyperbaric and underwater medicine with prestigious International appointments, lectures and consultancies in Italy and abroad, worldwide relevant publications, and expert in diving.

2007 - 2019

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