Phil Short

Phill Short - Regarded by many as one of Europe’s foremost technical diving instructors Phil Short runs his own technical diving company specializing in advanced diver training to all levels. He was a development diver for both the VR3 computer and the Ouroboros Closed Circuit rebreather. When he is not instructing or testing equipment he runs expeditions to seriously remote locations such as eastern Russia where temperatures are well below freezing. At heart he is a cave diver and has to his credit explored some of the toughest caves in Europe.


Lecture title: The excavation and survey of the 1495 ship Gribshunden

In 2019 a joint team of Archeologists from Lund, Sodertorn and Southhampton universities along with a support personal of professional divers, photographers, videographers and Museum personal started the full survey and excavation of the Danish Kings ship Gribshunden from 1495. The project saw a full photogrammetry survey, GIS location and mapping of the site and excavation of a 6 x 2 meter trench to learn of the ships construction as it is dated from a pivotal point in the history of ship architecture.



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