Piotr Siermontowski

MD Piotr Siermontowski - Capt. cf. graduated from the Military Medical Academy. Assistant Professor of the Department of Marine and Hyperbaric Medicine, Military Medical Institute. Specialist in Pathology, Maritime and Tropical Medicine, Medical Transportation. PhD and habilitation, also most publications on the implications of pulmonary barotrauma. Vice President (PTMiTH) of the Polish Society of Hyperbaric Medicine and Technology. Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the quarterly magazine „English Hyperbaric Research”, one of the two European scientific journals dealing with the subject of medicine and hyperbaric techniques. Rescue Diver MW. Class III Diver. M2 CMAS diving instructor. Military Health Service Consultant in the field of Transport Medicine, Chief Consultant for PSP (National Fire Brigade ) diving medicine. Forensic medical expert in the field of diving medicine.

2007 - 2019

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