Sami Paakkarinem

Sami Paakkarinen is a diver and professional instructor from Finland. Those who know him well would describe him as a dive enthusiast. Born in a city by the sea, he spent his early years by the water. During his younger years, he fell in love with the life above and beneath the water. Sami took his first scuba diving course as soon it was possible, in 1995; and ever since, diving has been a way of life for him.

Sami is a technical, cave, and rebreather instructor based in Finland; but he regularly travels the world to teach. When Sami is not teaching, you can find him in some corner of the world seeking out new caves or wrecks. With his teams Divers of the Dark and Nordic Explorers he has discovered many new wrecks in Baltic Sea and have participated in some of the most challenging cave explorations.

Telling the stories of the caves and wrecks is what Sami believes in. His goal is to always bring back information useful to the environment or history. He is a prolific videographer and photographer, and uses his skills to document all that he dives.

2007 - 2019

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