Sławomir Paćko

Sławomir Paćko - He is constantly diving in different waters, conditions and equipment since 1979. At the turn of the 80s and 90s he worked as a technical diver in Poland, Sweden and Norway. In 1992, together with two colleagues from Warsaw Scuba Diver Club, he founded and is running Technika Podwodna company till now. He was the first who dived on Baltic wrecks like Franken, so-called. Abilio, steamship and several other objects, which are extremely popular diving destinations today. He is certified cave diver since year 2000, previously he had dived in the caves as a TOPR rescuer. Rebreather diver since 2007. Sławomir is involved in the T-Reb project as beta tester since 2013 and then as a shareholder. Hobbies: underwater filming.

2007 - 2019

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