Stefan Panis

Stefan started diving at the age of 6 thanks to his father. In 1992 he did his first “official” course. Since then he moved on doing courses like nitrox and trimix, and he started diving with Inspiration rebreather in 2009. Stefan is also interested in photography since 2013. Meantime he developed a great interest in wrecks and focused on researches of the wrecks history in the archives.

He spent many dives on wrecks in the North Sea, the English channel, abroad in Sardinia, Portugal and Cuba. He was involved in different successful expeditions searching for new wrecks, like the identification of the 1852 “Josephine Willis”. In 2014 he obtained his full cave CCR certificate. He loves to dive and document the old mine sites in Belgium.

Stefan writes articles for several international (Tek) diving magazines.

2007 - 2019

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