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The Baltictech Association has a group of divers who actively promote the Baltic Sea as the most interesting wreck dive site in the world. One of the activities of the members of the association is lobbying for greater accessibility of Baltic wrecks for the diving community.

U 670

On August 24-25, 2015, the Baltictech team conducted a series of dives to the depth of 80m near Hel. Originally, the members of the expedition wanted to confirm the u-boat as U346, which was found by Wojtek Jechna in 2013.


After a thorough analysis of the films and photographs taken during the dives, the technical details of the ship's construction ruled out the U346.


At the bottom of the Baltic Sea, at a depth of 80m lies the U670, a VIIC class u-boat that sank on August 20, 1943 during night training.


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