Johan Rönnby

Johan Rönnby – is a Professor of Maritime Archaeology at Södertörn University and professional diver. Head of the Maritime Archaeological Research Institute, MARIS at Södertörn University.

PhD from Stockholm University 1995. Senior curator/marine archaeologist at the National Heritage Board, Stockholm, 1994-97. Teacher and researcher at Södertörn University since 1997. STINT fellow and visiting professor at Skidmore College, USA, 2005. External examinor at Southampton University 2001-2005. Associate Professor (docent) in maritime archeology at Helsinki University since 2008.

His research and publications has focused on shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea, but has also covered Viking Age lake dwellings, harbors and submerged prehistoric landscapes, coastal landscapes and man’s cultural and social interaction with water.

Previous Baltictech - Topic of the lecture: The Shipwrecks of the Baltic Sea – A Unique Maritime Archaeological Source Material

The Baltic Sea is one of the best places in the world for underwater archaeological research. Seafaring and its material requirements, such as ships and harbours, are a central feature of the history of the region and its peoples. Many of the organisms which usually destroy wood under water cannot live in the cold, brackish Baltic, and thus shipwrecks and other artifacts can survive nearly intact for hundreds of years in the dark at the bottom of the sea. The lecture will present some of this spectacular sunken shipwrecks and the archaeological work with exploring different aspects of them. 

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