"Drain the Oceans - The Amber Room"


The documentary  "Drain the Oceans - The Amber Room" received the prestigious Gold Award, the highest in the History & Society - Documentary category at this year's New York Festivals.

The documentary tells the story of our discovery and searching for the Amber Room.

Baltictech team was involved

In this project took part:

Tomasz Stachura

Lukasz Piorewicz

Marek Cacaj

Tomasz Zwara

Jacek Kapczuk

Piotr Lalik

Lukasz Pastwa

Kamil Macidłowski

Karol Jacob

Piotr Michalik

Benedykt Hac

Phil Short Technical

Sami Paakkarinen

Oscar Svensson

Jenni Westerlund

Daniel Pastwa

Maciej Honc

Jaro Belicki


The entire episode is available to everyone, watch here.

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