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10th Baltictech Conference

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2007 - 2022


What is the Baltictech Conference?

Baltictech is one of the three largest meetings of technical divers in the world. The other two, with which we cooperate, are held in Australia and Great Britain. The conference is held every two years in Gdynia, Poland and is dedicated to diving issues.


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Santi Diving
Centrum Nurkowe Tryton
Centrum Techniki Nurkowej

Franken for divers - opening getting closer

Malta - Deep wrecks 2022

Baltic Sea - Filming March 2022

Karlsruhe - opening of the chest

Karlsruhe wreck research IX'2021

Goya - inventory : july 2021

New wreck - February 2021

Discovery of the Frankfurt shipwreck

Baltictech projects

Meet our projects

The Baltictech Association has a group of divers who actively promote the Baltic Sea as the most interesting wreck dive site in the world. One of the activities of the members of the association is lobbying for greater accessibility of Baltic wrecks for the diving community.

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