Exploration of new wrecks - January 2021


This time the weather allowed us to organise as many as two exploration cruises. We still focus on the Operation Hannibal, i.e. the German evacuation of East Prussia at the end of the WWII.

We searched north of Hel Peninsula, that is in the transit zone between the harbor in Piława and the western harbors. After sailing 140 nautical miles and touching the border with Russia, we can boast of the further discoveries. We found 13 promising objects, although not all of the wrecks found come from the end of WWII. Four items may be wrecks of old sailing ships, two items are most likely fishing boats, and the rest… well, we will need to dive there or send the ROV. All wrecks lie at a depth of 90 - 110 m, so 2021 promises to be busy. We had a delicate hope that we would be able to find a unique wreck - the battleship Lutzow, that was sunk by Russians in this area in 1947.

And now we would like to invite you to enjoy the photos from the last expedition.

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