Ian France

 Ian France is one of the UK’s top, and most respected, technical diving Instructor Trainers (IANTD UK) with 3000+ hours underground. 
As an expedition and exploration diver, Ian is a member of the Nordic Explorers, the British Cave Diving Group, a founding member of the UK Mine/Cave Diving & Exploration Group, and a regular instructor, and speaker, at Tekcamp and Cave Camp.
Ian has also been involved in nautical archaeology and documentaries for the BBC, and when not teaching - a very active diver, exploring caves, mines, and the ocean. Ian provides OC & CCR Cave, Mine and Technical diver training at diver and instructor level. 


Title of the presentation: "Vegfjellan Cave Exploration".

“Inside the fjord: Norwegian Cave Exploration…

What went very right and what could possibly go wrong…”

2007 - 2022

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