Leigh Bishop

Leigh Bishop is a British shipwreck explorer and pioneer of deep wreck mixed gas diving. He is a well-known deep wreck photographer, and his research has led to the discovery and identification of hundreds of shipwrecks. He has been a member of the most significant deep shipwreck expeditions and scientific projects that have carried the explorer’s club flag.

Leigh has been featured on many television shipwreck documentaries and worked as a deep-water cameraman for National Geographic, History Channel, ITV, Channel 4 and other global networks. He is a prolific writer, speaker and lecturer of shipwreck exploration globally. Over the last two decades, his photographs and articles have appeared in countless magazines, books and major newspapers. He was the man behind the original concept of Eurotek, The Advanced Diving Conference. In recent times his focus of attention is directed towards forthcoming personal book projects.


Title of the presentation: Technical Diving on HMS Victory.‘Exploring one of the world’s most significant sunken warships’ .



Hailed as the greatest warship of the eighteenth century, HMS Victory was lost with all hands mysteriously in 1744. The wreck was discovered in deep water 264 years later and now represents one of the only places in the world to boast such a vast collection of bronze cannon. First explored by ROV’s, now technical divers are experiencing the adventure that takes them back into history, as this presentation, by renowned deep wreck photographer Leigh Bishop, will for you.

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