Malta - Deep wrecks 2022


We have been invited by the Ministry of Culture of Malta to take part in the Malta UCHU Spring Dive Project 2022. The aim of this project was to inventory the deep wrecks around the island. Among the 24 divers from all over Europe were following Baltictech members: Tomasz Stachura, Marek Cacaj, Jacek Kapczuk, Maciej Honc, Kamil Macidłowski.


Those few days on the island of Malta, showed us how great can we use divers' skills and historical knowledge of archaeologists. A few days of diving on wrecks below 100m, with 4 hours of total dive time, have brought good results. Deep dives on beautiful wrecks were interspersed with historical lectures and meetings with relatives of fallen seamen. 


We also had the opportunity to dive on the Polish ORP Kujawiak. Marek even filmed the name of this ship and apparently it was the first time. It turned out to be so valuable that it will be excavated this season. It was great experience for us. Just like diving on HMS URGE, which was recently discovered at 115 meters. First, we had the opportunity to make film documentation of the wreck, and then there was a big ceremony attended by the President of Malta and the daughter of the skipper. After the unveiling of the commemorative monument was a traditional banquet and a chance to compete (not only in diving) with submariners and British divers in a local pub. Marek won and Jacek received an award for dancing. We were all honored with the Golden Dolphin, the highest submariner's award which a civilian can receive. 


Big thanks to the whole Malta Heritage team and Timmi Gambin, that we could be a part of such a great Project and see such beautiful wrecks. Big thanks also to Dave Gration for a brilliant job during the dives. 

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