Spring with Multibeam


It was a very busy spring for us. Thanks to WASSP Multibeam we were able to discover 22 new wrecks. Calm waters of the Baltic sea made it possible to spend four days at sea including an overnight stay in a soft glow of sunset and sunrise. We searched further areas north of Łeba. It is probable that a German U-boat-U983 sank in this area as a result of collision. U-boat has not been found so we dived at two new locations marked during our April’s trips. The first of the checked positions appears to be a crawler crane pontoon with a crane lying upside down at the bottom. The second wreck is most probably a german steamer Agnes the location of which was unknown until now. The wreck lies 20 miles north of Wladyslawowo, Poland at the depth of 62 metres. On Saturday the weather made it possible to dive several times near Łeba and new faces turned up on Enduro yacht :) #DiveUp


Another days of searching already behind us! This time, area of our searching was to the north-east of Łeba to the place where Graf Zeppelin lies. We sailed over 160 nautical miles and in comparison to the former week, we found a lot fewer wrecks even though we searched a bit larger area. But we have four confirmed positions-four wrecks and it looks highly promising :) All wrecks lie at the depth of 60-80 metres and the two most interesting ones are 70 and 100 metres long (we share the photos of both wrecks). Well, we have 13 new wrecks so far mostly on deep depths but our further scope of bottom scanning includes shallower waters near Łeba, Poland.


While searching, we are still learning how to use our new equipment. Working with multibeam is getting better and better. The image is getting sharper, there’s less interference so hours spent on settings and consultations with Karol Jacob give good results :) It is a completely new searching dimension for us producing super effects which makes us even more motivated to spend next days at sea. Finally, we would like to express our gratitude towards Border Patrol and Fire Brigade for not keeping us in quarantine again :) Also, great thanks to fishermen for another portion of fish supplied during our sea journey. :)


Baltictech Team

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