Timmy Gambin

Timmy Gambin is an Associate Professor in Maritime Archaeology at the Department of Classics and Archaeology, University of Malta. He graduated in History from this University and went on to attain his Masters in Maritime Archaeology and History from the University of Bristol where he also got his doctorate in Maritime Archaeology. Prof Gambin has been involved in numerous collaborative research projects, and has also co-directed numerous offshore underwater surveys in various parts of the Mediterranean. Besides excavating the Phoenician Shipwreck at a depth of 110m he was recently involved in the discovery and exploration of HMS Urge. Another of his passions is the study and exploration of aircraft wrecks situated on the seabed off Malta. 


Title of the presentation: "HMS Urge & its discovery".


On the morning of 27 April 1942, HMS Urge slipped its mooring on the start of its long journey to Alexandria in Egypt. The Urge was leaving Malta due to the heavy bombing that the island was experiencing. Besides the crew of 29 there were a further 10 passengers on board including the well-known war correspondent Bernard Gray. When the Urge failed to arrive in Alexandria the submarine was reported as missing. This talk will cover the brief but amazing history of this submarine as well as the story of the search and subsequent discovery. Finally, the link between memory and diving archaeology will also be explored.

2007 - 2022

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