SANTI Find the Eagle


SANTI Find the Eagle is a long-term project created to find the wreck of the most famous Polish warship Eagle (ORP Orzeł) who disappeared in the World War II as well as to solve the mystery  of sinking of the Eagle. The expedition crew consists of four divers, two hydrographers and two historians. The first project milestone – in June 2014 – was an expedition to the North Sea to verify the potential position of the Eagle.

Before the expedition crew set off the North Sea, they have been analyzing for six months dozens of maps, information, reports the data gained from the archives and prepared a detailed plan of the expedition. Then, the equipment has been collected and logistics was planned. Two tons of technical equipment were transported to the UK, where the whole crew began the initial search. Within a few days, with difficult weather conditions, 22 potential wreck positions were located 120 miles from the shoreline of Great Britain, around the presumed position of Eagle.


More info: www.santiodnalezcorla.pl/

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U-272 Expedition

The legend says that the Submarine had an accident and settled at the bottom of the sea. Crew, trying to save themselves, glided along the bottom until they rammed into the shore of the Hel Peninsula. 
For many years, the so-called “Shallow Uboot” was referred to as U-346 and the story was followed up by crowds of divers.

In May 2013 we finally decided to correct this story.

During the dives, photographic and video materials were collected, documenting the current state of the wreck, and the elements of design that allowed the final identification of the wreck.  It was necessary to change its incorrect name U-346 to U-272. Final identification of the wreck from those materials and historical studies were made by ​​Daniel Pastwa.

Akademik Karpinsky Expedition

Under the aegis of Baltictech Expedition we have done a couple of deep divings, north from Władysławowo. That resulted in discovery of 3 new wrecks, from which one occured to be the most interesting. We have found it on depth of 78 meters and identified as a wreck of the Russian AKADEMIK KARPINSKI craft. It was built in 1936 and firstly named THALIA. It went down on 31 August 1953 on the way from Kaliningrad to Amsterdam.

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