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Baltictech 2017 conference will take place on 25th-26th of November.




We regret to inform, that on 05 July 2016 during common diving trip around the Oland Island our friend Dimitris Stavrakakis passed away.

Dima died of natural causes, it wasn't a diving accident.

He was a reliable friend and an authority for us.

Condolences for his wife, children, all relatives and friends.

The Baltictech Team




Baltictech 2015 conference starts this weekend! This year we have a record number of registered participants. There will be more than 500 people! Remember that you can buy a  ticket for Baltictech 2015 on the day of the conference.



We have prepared an attraction for the participants of the conference. On Sunday, at around 15:00 there will be a possibility to explore the Polish Army Divers Training Center named after Commander Stanislaw Mielczarek in Oksywie, Gdynia. Divers Training center in Gdynia is the main center for dive training in the Polish Armed Forces. It prepares the divers to carry and protect the needs of the Polish Army related to the performance of underwater work on small and large depths. It also cooperates with the management authority of the Maritime Rescue MW in the scope of improvement, testing and performance of rescue equipment and diving.

Important information:

- Polish citizenships - require ID card, entitling them to entrer the training center.
- Persons with other than Polish nationality - need to send their data: name, surname, date of birth, nationality and passport number.

We provide a free shuttle bus from the conference place back and forth.

To sign up please contact:
Krzysztof Wnorowski 



In less than two months the seventh edition of the Baltictech international conference for technical divers will begin. On November 21-22 in Gdynia, Poland divers from all over the world will gather to listen to the experts’ lectures, participate in workshops and share their experiences.


The subject of this year's Baltictech will be highly diversified, which suggests that each conference participant will find something for itself. The names of a dozen speakers have already been confirmed, like eg.: Becky Kagan Schott, Steve Jones, Marek Kaminski, Paul Raymakers, Simon Mitchell, Adam Borzyszkowski Dominik Graczyk "Honzo", Cesare Balzi, Kamil Iwankiewicz, Thomas Żabierek, Phil Short, Benedict Hac, Thomas Michura, Radoslaw Sieniawski. The guests' list has not been finalized yet.

One of the most interesting speakers will be Simon Mitchell – an anesthesiologist specializing in diving medicine, a world authority in hyperbaric medicine, author of more than 100 articles about diving, widely published in the world literature.
Another one is Steve Jones – journalist and photographer in Ocean Geographic Society. For many years he has been developing techniques to capture wide-angle color images with only a small amount of natural light available at significant depths.

Tomasz Stachura, head of Baltictech: "With each edition the organizers try to raise the level of our conferences. That is also our goal this year. There are so many interesting topics that we would like to present and discuss, but we are limited by the time – two days of the conference. However, I believe, that participants will come to us to gain some new and valuable knowledge, and will leave enriched with the experience gained after discussions exchanged with divers from all over the world."


Attractions for participants
A big attraction will be waiting for this year's participants. They will have the possibility to visit on a Sunday afternoon the Training Centre for Divers in Gdynia. A sign up will start on the first day of the conference, on Saturday morning at the reception desk.


Sponsors of this year’s Baltictech are: SUEX as a strategic sponsor and gold sponsors: Apex, SANTI Diving and Halcyon. Participants, as in previous years, will have the chance to win valuable prizes, eg.: two SUEX XJoy7 underwater scooters and Apeks Black Sapphire regulators, and that's not all.


Participants of the conference will also have the opportunity to learn more about new products as well as talk directly to dive companies' representatives. Companies exhibiting on Baltictech are so far: SANTI Diving, Light for me, Divers Guide, IDF, Divesoft, Dive Pro, JML Diving, Seay, Cave Mexico, DUI, PSAI, OMS, No Gravity, SeaWolf, Nautica Mare, iQsub, Argentario Divers, Ammonite.


Baltictech is being held every two years. Polish conference has grew into one of the largest and most popular in Europe. This year the organizers expect 500 participants. Tickets are still available on site . All lectures will be translated simultaneously – from Polish into English and vice versa.


We already have the following speakers confirmed for Baltictech 2015:

Cesare Balzi 
Adam Borzyszkowski 
Filip Długosz & Paweł Myśliński 
Juha Flinkman 
Dominik Graczyk 
Benedykt Hac 
Kamil Iwankiewicz 
Steve Jones 
Becky Kagan Schott 
Jacek Kot 
Michał Kosut 
Rickard Lundberg 
Tomasz Michura 
Simon Mitchell 
Piotr Piórewicz 
Łukasz Piórewicz & Dimitris Stavrakakis 
Jouni Polkko & Juha Flinkman 
Paul Raymaekers 
Phil Short 
Arne Sieber 
Radosław Sieniawski 
Jouke Spoelstra 
Krzysztof Wnorowski 
Tomasz Żabierek




We have added 'media accreditation' form. Journalists attending conference may register from now on.
See the form here.



Works on the seventh edition of the Baltictech are at full speed. We are setting the conference program and we gradually present you the new speakers. A lot is happening. We still have a lot of work to be done. We close the list of exhibitors. We already know the sponsors. All the details will be shared with you in upcoming days.

Strategic sponsor

Gold sponsor