Vic Verlinden

Vic Verlinden – Underwater Photojournalist, Technical deep wreck diver, CCR cave diver. Co- organizer / Technical dive show : Tekdive - Started diving in 1975. Worked as a diving Guide in the Red sea ( 1982/83/84) Egypt, Israel). Author of 4 diving books. ( with Stefan Panis). More than 80 reports in dive Magazines in Belgium, Netherlands, France,UK, Germany, USA, Russia, Slovakia etc. ....


Lecture title: Wreck diving: 4 decades adventures

The highlights on 40 years diving to shipwrecks (more than 20 years with my own boat in the North Sea) Discovery of the East-Indian-frigate " De Roompot" 1853) The Roompot collection is now in the Museum In the Netherlands ( Zierikzee) More than 10 years diving and photographing deep wrecks in Lebanon, UK, Italy, France, Poland,Irland. Wrecks in the presentation: HMHS Brittanic,SS Burdigala,U455,U2511,Christiaan Huygens,SS Leopoldville, SSTubantia, HMS Victoria, Espana, justicia, De Roompot. HMS Defence, Focke wulf 58.


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