Artur Grządziel

Artur Grządziel – Commander of hydrographic ship ORP “Arctowski”, since 1998. related to hydrography, marine measurements and study shipwrecks, ships and aircraft. He completed postgraduate studies at the Naval Academy and the international hydrographers course in NAVOCEANO Gulfport (USA). He is class “A” Hydrographer, member of the Polish Association of Marine Hydrographers and the author of several articles on the field of marine hydrography. He is interested in sonar technology, bathymetric systems and other measurement equipment used for exploration and investigation of wrecks.

Previous Baltictech - Topic of the lecture: Wreck of the bomber at the bottom of the Baltic Sea – the discovery, research and identification 

In the autumn of last year, the Navy hydrographic ship ORP “Arctowski” carried out work on hydrographic planned shipping route that runs along the Polish coast. During the measurements we identified several underwater objects, one of them had features of the plane wreck. The first results of the work did not bring a clear answer to what object we are dealing with. In January 2013 at the next sea exploration ​​a complete study was made with the latest and most accurate systems and measuring equipment. Using underwater vehicle, we registered rich footage of the wreck and towed side scan sonar provided sonar images in high definition. Based on the collected data, we were first identifying the object pointing to the multi-purpose twin-engine plane from World War II Junkers Ju-88 series.

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