Clemens Schützenhofer

Clemens Schützenhofer – dives since 2003;  more than 7 years of DPV experience, in wreck, RB and Cavediving. Several projects involved, first civil dive on GrafZeppelin09, Adriatic Wrecks, Caveprojects in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Italy, Hungary, Russia, France, Austria. Suex Trainer/Instructor for DPV’s

Previous Baltictech - Topic of the lecture: Deep wreck diving. RB or DPV? What is the best and useful solution.

Deep diving, especially wreckdiving needs special tools-equipment to make the dive safe and easy for the diver! Lot of RB are out for Wreckdiving because of easy gas management, no gas switch during dive, constant ppO2 etc etc  But how many of them are using DPV’s? Is a DPV really helpful for my kind of diving?  Why RB and DPV should be a “STANDARD” in technical diving.

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