Dariusz Grabiec

Dariusz Grabiec – hydrographer and an officer of the Navy since 1989, deeply related to hydrography and survey at sea and inland waters. Since 2008 he is an employee of the Navy Hudrographic Office. From 2010 he is the president of the Polish Maritime Hydrographers. In it’s activities, the survey focuses on the implementation of the search and location of small underwater objects using modern sonar techniques. The results are being used not only by hydrography, but also by underwater archeologists, a group of water diving rescue PSP, the police and the prosecutors.

Previous Baltictech - Topics of the lectures:
A) The search of the ORP Orzeł wreck- expedition “June 2013″.
B) Chemical munitions dumped in the Baltic Sea – the first results of hydrographic surveys of the project CHEMSEA.

Finding the wreck of the submarine ORP Orzeł, lost in the waters of the North Sea in 1940, it is still a priority for many people, institutions and organizations. In early June 2013, the Navy has completed another expedition exploration on one of the selected shipwrecks located in the North Sea. During the trip, thanks to the excellent hydrological and meteorological conditions, they obtained very interesting test materials using sonar vehicle ROV and divers. They allowed them clearly identify and investigate the wreck. All the actions, gathered materials and conclusions, from the performed recognition, will be presented before the expedition ( for the first time). The second presentation will help getting familiar with the results of explorations conducted by the international project CHEMSEA in reference to the chemical ammunition located in the waters of the Baltic sea. The multiplicity and their physical condition can astonish more than one conference participant. The presentation will present selected elements of the survey data and the results of their processing by hydrographers.

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