Dmitri Gorski

Dr. Dmitri Gorski – is originally from Russia but grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. Work and studies have taken him to many places, from Thailand and Indonesia in the East to Canada in the West, until he finally settled down in Bergen, Norway. His daily work is engineering on the oil rigs in the North Sea and technical scubadiving, especially cave and rebreather diving, is his passion.  

Previous Baltictech - Topic of the lecture: New era in exploration of the caves in the Bjurälven valley in northern Sweden started in 2007 with the first winter expedition. Since then, divers have visited this harsh but stunningly beautiful place every year, adding new data to the map and conducting research on a variaty of topics. Each year, the divers struggle against nature covering large distance on snowmobiles, building a base camp and providing the infrastructure needed for explortion. The cave itself is sidemount-only and lies in a small lake beneath several meters of ice. Freezing water temperatures make diving a challange for both men and equipment. The year 2013 has been the most successful in the history of the expedition – the mapped cave now is almost a kilometer long and a discovery we have all been hoping for was made during the Expedition 2013. 

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