Dominik Graczyk

Dominik "Honzo" Graczyk – NAUI and CMAS Scuba diving instructor, caver, team leader of the SPELEO diving group, a lover of underwater cave exploration. The adventure with diving started in 1996, practices the cave diving since 2005. He has participated in many expeditions (including the Caucasus, Crimea, the Balkans, the Caribbean, Mexico, Tatra mountains). He has discovered almost two kilometres of underwater corridors. Professionally engaged in rehabilitation, he is also an academic teacher, defended his doctoral dissertation entitled ' Diving physiology of people with physical disabilities.' .


Lecture title: 'SPELEO diving in Kosovo - a profound exploration of the Great Siphon'


The speech will be about the discovery of the new parties of the deep chain of siphon located over half a kilometre from the opening of Kosovo's largest cave. During the lecture the following subjects will be developed: psychology of exploration, logistical and security difficulties while exploring an underwater siphon at a depth of 70m.


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