Dominik Honzo Graczyk

Dominik Honzo Graczyk – speleologist, NAUI scuba instructor. Dives since 1996, since 2005 he is related to the cave divers Group PZA, since 2009 he is GNJ instructor led Cave Diving workshop, now the leader of GNJ. So far he made ​more than 1,000 dives, of which more than 500 in caves, many in the unknown traps. His passion is cave diving, mainly in the Balkans. Participant and manager of exploratory expeditions to the caves in many parts of the world (the Caucasus, Crimea, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Tatry). At the beginning of the last decade, he was co-discoverer of two shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea. Ph.D. in diving physiology of people with disabilities, the author of numerous scientific publications about diving. Professionally head of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine IBIS and lecturer in the School of Almamer. Polish National Team player in cave mountaineering.

Previous Baltictech - Topic of the lecture: Polish cave diving explorations in the Balkans

The Balkans are still a paradise for lovers of caves exploration. Poles are frequent guests in the karst area, with a penchant for a dive in flooded underground. They are valued by the local speleological and diving clubs, which they help to know lots of new underwater caves. Honzo will present exploration activities of the cave divers Group PZA, Tomek Stachura and Jarek Kura in Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, which will be illustrated with videos and photos from the trips.

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