Jan Marcin Węsławski

Jan Marcin Węsławski – born in 1955, Doctor- Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Marine Ecology at the Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences in Sopot, a member of the presidium of Sea Sciences Research Committee and Committees: Ecology, Academy of Sciences Polar Research. Specialist in marine coastal ecology,trophic network and shellfish. His most successful project is development of a system to assess the sensitivity of Arctic coasts to oil spills. He spent more than 45 months on the polar and sea expeditions. Expeditions to Spitsbergen, Franz Josef Land, Bear Island, Earth Ellesmera, North-East Greenland, Kola Peninsula, as well as the seas: Baltic, Greenland, Barents, Norwegian, Kara and Baffin Bay. Hobbies: swimming in a canoe and a traditional bow shooting.

Previous Baltictech - Topic of the lecture: Citizen Science as an offer for the SCUBA divers

Citizen science is becoming popular, once it was established in UK as the most promising and rewarding for of science popularization. The idea is that, amateurs equipped with strict observation protocols, prepared by professional scientists (e.g. butterfly photography with georeferencing) are collecting individual data, submitting them to the open web data base. Hundreds and thousands of such small efforts creates a unique scientific product (e.g. distribution map of butterflies) that no research institute can collect on its own. Presentation highlights some examples of such actions aimed for SCUBA divers with an background information on Baltic environment features and its changes. 

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