Krzysztof Starnawski

Krzysztof Starnawski For more than 10 years he has specialized in cave diving and exploration of Tatra’s Cave syphon’s. He is also the Rebreather Diving Instructor and Cave Diving Instructor IANTD, FFS and CMAS. Lifeguard of TOPR (Tatra’s Voluntary Rescue Team). Exploration and Rescue is his main aim, so all his trainings are dedicated to it. An author of several innovations in technical solutions for diving configurations, which makes exploration more easy: entering wrecks (NoMount), narrow dark caves exploration (Sidemount) and deep divings (Dualrebreather). He is sharing his experience through Wreck Courses on the Baltic Sea, Cave Courses in Mexico and France and Technical Courses in Poland. He has dived on Open Circuit at 181m depth in Czech Cave Hranicka Propast and on DualRebreather at 222m in Egypt. Currently he is concentrating on Exploration Diving in Mexico and also on promoting SideMount technique in recreational and cave diving. In his free time he is involved in underwater video shooting. He has established Diving Organisation

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