Leigh Bishop

Leigh Bishop is a world-renowned shipwreck explorer and pioneer of deep wreck mixed gas wreck diving in and around Europe. His specialist deepwater photography alongside his research has led to the documentation and discovery of hundreds of shipwrecks and several famous ones. He has been a member of most significant deep shipwreck expeditions over the last two decades that has utilized mixed gas and modern technology to explore deeper and previously unseen shipwrecks. Some of these include expeditions to the Britannic, the worlds largest sunken liner, RMS Lusitania, RMS Egypt, RMS Transylvania in the North Atlantic and the Nazi Liner Wilhelm Gustloff in the Baltic just to mention a few. He has also explored an estimated 400 un-dived deep shipwrecks off the English coastline and been the first to dive many U-boats that lie in these waters. 

More information can be found on his website. www.deepimage.co.uk

Previous Baltictech - Topic of the lecture: Through eyes and Lens- ‘Two decades of Deep Shipwreck Exploration’ Triumph & tragedy.

A fascinating look into the world of deep wreck diving through the eyes and lens of one of the most well-known shipwreck explorers of the technical diving revelation.

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