Paweł Poręba

Paweł Poręba - diving instructor for 10 years, a technical diving instructor. He has about 5,000 dives in various places around the world. Fascinated by the wreck and cave diving. For 6 years, trained divers in the Baltic Sea and the Gulf. Author of the textbook "Technical Diving". Author of NOF method - planning decompression in flight. Creator of several programs analyzing the diving profiles in terms of decompression. Founder of the school "Nekton", and a system of exercises that leads to freedom of movement in the water, environmental awareness, partners and their own equipment, ability to cope with difficult dives and emergencies. Many divers looking for new challenges in diving and advanced knowledge of decompression or planning long trips or deep dives, and forget the basics. Paweł Poręba present method for verifying the trim and position control, bases which are necessary to navigate under water and greatly reduce the risk associated with deep dives.

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