Radosław Bizoń

Radosław Bizoń – underwater photographer, IANTD instructor, author of a diving publications. Dives for 22 years. Co-founder of the expedition to the wreck of Schleswig-Holstein and ORP Grom. My biggest passion is underwater photography of the wrecks, especially in cold waters such as the Baltic Sea. Over the years I am trying to reach wrecks of both the known and the small and forgotten, because each of them has a story to tell, which is worth listening to.

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We travel all over the world in search of interesting wrecks and just right next to us, we have individuals such as Mermaid. There is only a few vertical wrecks, but few people know that one of them is in the bottom of the Gulf of Finland. Mermaid is a carist ship “monitor” class which sank in a storm in 1893 with all of its crew. It was discovered in 2003, stuck vertically into the bottom at a depth of 70 meters. This ship is unique because of its history, structure, and the way rests on the bottom. I will bring you a bit about his figure and tell about the dives done on it in June 2013, which is 110 years since the sinking.

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