Robert Szymaniuk

LCDR . Robert Szymaniuk born in Hrubieszow in 1971 . For 17 years professionally engaged in underwater operations and diving . Graduated the Naval Academy . Service career started at the Centre Divers Training HR. Served on the rescue ship ORP ” PIAST” on the following positions as an diving officer , the deputy commander for the rescue ship , the commander of a rescue diving team . Next command he took charge of was the 3rd FO as a senior officer of the rescue flagship. From 2011 to the present, he holds the position of Deputy Commander / Chief of Staff at the Centre for Divers Training HR. Since 2003, he took control of all deep underwater operations carried out by Naval Academy.  

Previous Baltictech - Topic of the lecture: Underwater raising works – is it easy to get the “treasure” ?

Seabed and ocean floor is littered with objects that man, if only have the possibilityis trying to bring out . Just knowing that somewhere out there is a “treasure ” encourages us to take the effort to reach for what the fate is held by Neptune. In my lecture i will present the issues related to the raising of objects from the bottom . I will discuss the steps, methods and equipment used in the work of raising. During The lecture we will be able to follow and learn the complexity and the limitations of this type of project.

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