Tom Mount

Tom Mount - is a pioneering technical diver. In 1991 Tom Mount joined Dick Rutkowski in the new organisation formed by Rutkowski, IANTD, dedicated to teaching Nitrox to recreational divers. In 1992 Tom was named President and Chief Executive Office of IANTD, a position that he held until 2005. Tom was also one of the pioneers in relation to diver training and development of dive tables in relation to the use of trimix as a breathing gas for diving. At the time, and for many years subsequently, IANTD was the only technical diver training organisation in the world. Tom has published a number of technical diving texts, including the Technical Diver Encyclopedia, Exploration and Mixed Gas Diving Encyclopedia and Tek Closed Circuit Rebreather. He remains a member of the board of directors of the IANTD. He was also a founding member of the National Association for Cave Diving, the first cave diver training organisation in the United States. For a short period of time Tom jointly held the world record for deepest dive using compressed air.

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