Tom aka “Michur” is a Tec instructor mostly associated with his sidemount activities. He has devoted most of his time and efforts to developing sidemount skills and procedures as well as promoting this configuration around the world. He is best known for his multi-cylinder skills and passion for handling a number of tanks. He is the so called “new kid on the block” but already established in the sidemount community. Although he is also a high school teacher by profession he tries to hit the water every day and he is a great advocate of constant underwater practice paying attention to every detail. His motto is; “As sidemount is a craft of tricks I need to master them all”. Tom continues his sidemount adventure getting educated himself as well as teaching beginner and advanced courses. And he keeps inventing and mastering…the tricksJ


Lecture title: Rigging techniques in multi stage sidemount diving. How to don and doff with grace and efficiency

Even a few years ago the concept of sidemount stage diving was still a taboo topic and a secret that instructors were not willing to reveal publicly. Today the idea of attaching and removing sidemount stage cylinders is widely known and each advanced diver is familiar with the approach. Tomasz “Michur’ Michura will present some of the methods of donning and doffing he has mastered himself so that our future SM dives could be more pleasant, safer and efficient. Michur will also make a few remarks on basic sidemount configuration issues and tricks to facilitate it. In addition, he will certainly speak on his double bladder solution and try to infect you with his artistic approach to multistage sidemount diving.