Casey McKinlay

Casey McKinlay - is a renowned aquatic explorer with more than 20 years of active research and discovery experience. Casey is currently responsible for directing operations for the Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) which is the most active and successful cave diving exploratory project in the world with more than one hundred members. The WKPP recently received a Resolution from Florida Governor Crist and the Florida Cabinet recognizing the project's 20 year contribution towards underwater cave exploration and its work to protect Wakulla Springs. Casey and his diving partner Jarrod Jablonski hold several cave diving world records including the longest exploration dive into a flooded cave system at more than 5 miles requiring more than 28 hours underwater. Casey serves on the GUE Board of Directors, is a fellow of the Explorers Club and serves as an advisor to the Wakulla Springs Water Quality Working Group and Unit Management Planning Committee, promoting responsible use, study and protection relevant to water quality issues affecting Florida Springs. Casey along with Global Underwater Explorers recently completed 3 cave diving expeditions to mainland China at the invitation of the Chinese government in addition to assisting with ongoing exploration and research projects in the Bahamas and Mexico.

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